20 min., video collage of the colonizing nature of the camera, including video game images, Atget rescans, and original travel footage to Cuba, 2008

Spain, February 2004

30 min., video travelogue of a return to a childhood home, 2006


two channel video recreation of one year of The New York Times cover images, 2004

Viva Viva

documentary following the Warhol personality and filmmaker’s mother-in-law, Viva, as she mounts an exhibition of her paintings, 2004


re-edit, and re-imagining of the mother’s role in, The Shining, 2003


experimental video mixing Disney’s Aladdin and NYT’s front page images on the eve of the US invasion of Afghanistan, 2003

Son with Father

the point of view of a small boy traveling with his father, 2002


re-scan of  TV news coverage of George W Bush’s inauguration with mock reporting from Viva, Gary Indiana and the filmmaker’s grandmother, 2001

The Moving Curb

video collage of the New Jersey Thruway, 2001

Life With Magoo

imagined video journal on the making of a gypsy movie and a science fiction film, 2001

By Car

video landscape from upstate, NY to Manhattan, 2000

Approximate Memory

2000, toy camera video of the filmmaker’s grandmother in hospital, investigating her fading memories